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Our Team


Enya Pinjani


I'm Enya and currently a senior at Southlake Carroll High School in Texas. I've done LD debate for 3 years and qualified to the TOC my junior year. I enjoy reading policy arguments. My other interests include playing the piano, listening to rock music, and hanging out with my dog.

Bias Statement

We ask all judges to follow the NSDA guidelines for cultural competency. 

Every ballot at the National Speech & Debate Tournament will have the following language:

We are all influenced by implicit bias, or the stereotypes that unconsciously affect our decisions. When judging, our implicit biases negatively impact students who are traditionally marginalized and disenfranchised. Before writing comments or making a decision, please take a moment to reflect on any biases that may impact your decision making process.

Please remember that the video quality of a student’s performance or speech may be impacted by lighting, internet, access to equipment, and other family members’ presence in the home. To ensure a more equitable experience for our participants, please be sure your decision-making process and comments are related only to the content and quality of the presentation or speech itself.

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